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Unearththekings - 'SKULLS' Tshirt/Album BUNDLE

£9.99 / On sale

SUPER-MEGA-BARGAIN-BUNDLE - just £9.99 for Tshirt and Album!

Get this mega bundle of super ltd edition tshirt and album from unearththekings - the band that features Owen Packard (earthtone9), Jase Bowld (Bullet For My Valentine) and Ali Ross (Cars On Fire). It's like earthtone9, except with different music, different people and a different name.

The Tshirts are printed on Gildan Premium cotton and are guaranteed to cover all of your nipples. The album is full of shouty metal riffage (obvs).

Th Southern Necessity:
My Name Is Architect
Saturday Night Hero
Iron Tongue
Fire In The Sky
Body In The River
Rocks, Boulders, Mountains